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Dunking for dollars



President Barack Obama is raising funds
for his re-election campaign by hosting an all-star basketball game that
will feature the likes of Oklahoma City Thunder star players Kevin
Durant and Russell Westbrook.

Courtside tickets are fetching as much as $5,000. Evidently, the stalemate between NBA owners and players extends to politics. While KD and Westbrook will join a host of other NBA greats for the Obama fundraiser, Thunder chairman and CEO Clay Bennett has contributed $2,500 apiece to the campaigns of Republican presidential hopefuls Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman.

According to the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Responsive Politics, Huntsman also has received contributions from Thunder co-owners Aubrey McClendon and Jeffrey Records, with McClendon also donating to the Mitt Romney campaign.

No word on Rumble’s leanings.

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