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Durant man allegedly robs piggy bank



Jason Ray Waller is what some might call a repeat offender. The 29-year-old Durant man has been convicted of drug possession, concealing stolen property and false declaration of ownership to a pawnbroker, records show.

The Durant Daily Democrat newspaper reported Waller's most recent incident. Waller was tracked down at an EZ Mart after allegedly breaking into a home and stealing a piggy bank.

According to the article, the homeowner came home from camping and found the broken piggy bank in the lawn with coins scattered around. The owner went inside the house and found his bedroom ransacked.

The owner told police his daughter was snoozin' in the house and did not hear the burglary, but that he saw Waller walkin' down the street. That's when a sheriff's deputy headed to the EZ Mart (where else?) and reportedly found Waller.

At first, Waller denied any knowledge of the incident, but when the deputy asked the suspect to empty his pockets, out came a bevy of coins and grass.

The homeowner also claimed that some jewelry and a couple of firearms were missing. No report on where those might be hiding.

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