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Know where you get some mad money and the Queen Latifah caper comedy "Mad Money"? At Dallas' creatively named store Movies and CDs!

Or at least you could, past tense.

That's where Tulsa resident Robert Campbell Jr. once worked. And according to a report in Business Week, he allegedly had quite the lucrative side gig going on there: burning copies of DVDs for customers, at $5 a pop. The 26-year-old man pleaded guilty recently for duping "at least" 151 movies.

He faces up to five years in the clinker, which equates to 2,628,000 minutes, or 23,675 full screenings of the Katherine Heigl romcom "27 Dresses," which is one of the flicks he ripped.

That one's not worth five bucks, nor "Mad Money." On the other hand, "Beowulf" " another one Campbell copied, although Business Week oddly spells it "Beowolf" " is worth that and then some for Angelina Jolie's breasts, even if they're just CGI ones.

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