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DVDs for Dad make for a no-brainer gift



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"Royal Pains: Season 1"
Among USA's original series, "Burn Notice" gets most of the love, but "Royal Pains" shouldn't be ignored, either. Mark Feuerstein stars " and charms " as Dr. Hank Lawson, rebuilding his personal and professional life in the Hamptons, living with his quirky brother (Paulo Costanzo). The show's first 12 episodes are contained within three discs, complete with commentaries and outtakes. Mirth and medicine has never been mixed so well, so if your pop digs USA's "Psych" and "Monk," prescribe him this, too.

"Z Rock: Season 2"
It's not quite "Spinal Tap" " or even "School of Rock" " but the IFC series "Z Rock" manages its share of jokes and jams. These 10 eps center on heavy metal outfit ZO2, a real band whose members essentially play themselves, and pay the bills by gigging at kids' birthday parties by day. The laughs come from the raunch, and several name musicians cameo. If Dad has a collection of ratty concert tees, this show might punch his ticket.

"Pulling John"
Sly Stallone, you've just been pwn3d! "Over the Top" is no longer the greatest arm-wrestling movie ever made! That honor " albeit in a subgenre of, well, two " goes to "Pulling John," a documentary of undefeated world champion John Brzenk who's grappling with possible retirement at age 40. Like similar docs "Anvil" and "The King of Kong," this one will have you cheering ... and perhaps even tearing up (although your secret is safe with me if that happens). Your father may have taught you the art of arm wrestling; here's a chance to pay him back.

"The A-Team: The Complete Series"
Melinda Culea fans, represent! All five seasons of NBC

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