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Early Beat - I Need This Beat Right Now



When bands are in sync, productivity flows, and Early Beat has been very productive in its short year and a half of existence. The middle child in a trilogy of albums, "I Need This Beat Right Now" will be officially unveiled Friday at Opolis, 113 N. Crawford in Norman.

Fans who picked up the group's eponymous debut album will notice a shift toward psychedelic, high-energy rock, as opposed to the previous disc's more jazzy cuts with soft, gypsy blues undertones. The sonic move was due in part to the evolution of the live show from Michael Loveland's quieter solo sets to the full band's riotous performances.

"The only guff I get is that the first album doesn't sound like our live show," Loveland said, then noted that record also was stocked with guest musicians. "This new album is going to be more of a garage-rock album since it is just us' just a lot of guitar, a lot of psychedelic rock, which wasn't the last album."

The Replacements and Pixies influences emerge in "I Need This Beat Right Now," as rattling feedback and strained vocals work themselves into a manic energy so far only heard from Early Beat at concerts. Despite the emphasis on rock, the act still cleans up and tones down a few times, such as with the dreamy "Restless Nights" and the creeping "Run Little Boy."

Loveland said the new disc is just documenting their continued growth, as more gigs mean more familiarity each other and with their wealth of material.

"We evolve every time we play together," he said. "Everyone in the band is so fun and lighthearted. It's a pleasure to just being around them. And they are playing my songs, which is really cool."

Norman hip-hop outfit Hi-Pop will open the 9 p.m. show. Tickets are $7. Admission for those under 21 is $9."?Charles Martin

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