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cter actors old and new, including Thomas Haden Church ("All About Steve") and Lisa Kudrow ("Hotel for Dogs") as married faculty members who get sucked into Olive's shameful reputation, Stanley Tucci ("The Lovely Bones") and Patricia Clarkson ("Shutter Island") as Olive's perfect parents, Malcolm McDowell ("Halloween II") as the principal who needs to have his Xanax prescription refilled ASAP, and Fred Armisen (TV's "Saturday Night Live") as a mealymouthed minister.

Director Will Gluck ("Fired Up!") keeps the whole thing moving along with a style that is either invisible or no style at all.

Even if I don't believe Olive's plight for a second, which I didn't, Stone is an actress to watch, which I did. I compared her to Silverstone and Dunst, but I think she's a better actress than either of them. I hope she has more staying power, too. And she will if she can graduate from high school. "?Doug Bentin


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