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EDM giant Moby gets happy with Wayne Coyne



While out club-hopping a few weeks ago, we followed a trail of glittery girls that led to Wayne Coyne. We weren't surprised, but we were sure intrigued.

A new song or creative project was the obvious guess. Last week, an announcement was made that Coyne has teamed up with electronic music mogul Moby for “The Perfect Life,” a song about, well, you guessed it — a perfect life. It's from Moby's upcoming album, Innocents, due out Sept. 30.

The collaboration dropped Tuesday. The video was shot, in part, against a nondescript backdrop of a beautiful sunset in what seems to be a somewhere on the west coast.

Moby and Coyne donned traditional-looking mariachi costumes, because, why not? And surrounding the two was an eclectic group of individuals who were wearing angel wings, backpacks, neon arm bands and one very carefully placed feather.

Could Coyne's latest endeavor include Moby and sparkly girls? (Sarcasm.) Maybe it was the remnants of an upcoming music video, or maybe it was a normal night out on the town for the posse of lovable freaks.

Regardless, we're intrigued, Coyne.

This video shows a happy Moby with Oklahoma City native Coyne on vocals, and a man wearing bedsheets and a crown and each battling bad guys (like Coyne does best, obvs). It all ends with an epic "Safety Dance" like scene around a maypole, but, you know, with pasties and roller-skating ghosts.

Moby - The Perfect Life (with Wayne Coyne) from Moby on Vimeo.

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