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Edmond couple faces charges for violating \"social host\" regulations



According to a story in The Edmond Sun, a high school graduation party led to the arrests of two parents who allowed the festivities at their house.


The story states that the party, held in an Edmond subdivision with the appropriately Edmond subdivision-y name "Crown Colony Court," garnered a visit from the Edmond police at 1 a.m. on a recent Sunday in reference to noise.


There, the police observed several teenagers outside the home, and the officers detected a strong odor of alcohol among them, according to the story. The officers contacted the homeowner, Craig Macleod, 46, according to the police reports, who apparently would be a very cool dude if we at Chicken-Fried News were still in high school. But CFN is just written that way.


Police asked Macleod if any underage drinking was occurring in the house, according to the story. Macleod told them that although he did not provide alcohol, yes, he did allow teens to drink there because he wanted them to do it in a safe place, the Sun reported. Police busted him on a complaint of violating the "social host" ordinance by allowing a place for minors to consume alcohol.


So, then the cops made those at the party come outside and call their parents to pick them up, the story states. Bummer.


It was at this point, according to the Sun, that Macleod's wife, Teresa, allegedly told the officers she felt she was doing the right thing by allowing the teens to drink in their home. She was arrested on a complaint of violating the social host ordinance, according to the story.


The two now face a fine of up to $500 apiece and up to 60 days in jail, the story states. Double bummer.


Edmond passed the social host ordinance in 2006 to cut down on underage drinking, the story reported.

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