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Edmond dancer spoils 'Indiana Jones' plots for the Internet to see



Director Steven Spielberg's "Indiana Jones" film franchise has been stocked with great villains, like that creepy Belloq fellow with the burnt palm or that one guy who pulls the heart out of that other dude's chest. Now add another name to that list.


Because of Tyler Nelson's talents in the highly coveted realm of Russian dance, the Edmond native won a small role in the long-delayed but now-filming fourth adventure, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." But extras can risk having their scenes cut " or being digitally removed from them, as is producer George Lucas' wont " for spilling plot details.


In The Edmond Sun's article, Nelson told a reporter about co-star Cate Blanchett's role (heretofore a secret), the meaning of the titular crystal skull (heretofore a secret) and other things (heretofore secrets), which all became public knowledge when " via the magic of the Internet " movie-gossip sites like Ain't It Cool News linked to the Sun's online version.


But, what fool messes with Indiana Jones? Presumably the wrath of Spielberg hits hard and fast, because " as reported by another film-fan Web site, " links to the Sun and AICN stories "just disappear(ed)."


Nelson better watch his back "¦ for giant rolling rocks.

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