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Edmond girl records her life for TLC reality show



Eleven-year-old Ashley Mandanas loves to sing, but now she's getting nationwide exposure for not performing, having her life documented for a Learning Channel cable series titled "My Life as a Child."
The series lets kids use video cameras to record and document their lives for several months. The kids have complete control over what they record.
"I thought, 'Wow, that's really a lot of freedom that you get to do,'" Ashley said. "It also drew me in because I love to share opinions and the thoughts that I have, because I think that every opinion in the world is very important and every opinion counts."
The Edmond resident and Casady student grabbed producer Amy Kohn's attention with her audition tape, and asked Ashley to be one of 20 kids featured on the series.
"I think I was a bit surprised," Ashley said. "I was really dumbfounded. I just thought it was going to be a great experience, and I just wanted to embrace it with all I had."
The kids' stories range from a girl who survived Hurricane Katrina to a boy who overcomes peer teasing to continue his love for ballet.
But Ashley's story is a little bit different. Hers is about having an intense passion in something and wanting to share it with the world.
"One thing that was really unique about Ashley is she has a lot of drive, and is very motivated and has a lot of activities," Kohn said. "I think Ashley is very representative of kids growing up today and the pressure they put on themselves." "Krista Nightengale

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