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Edmond residence robbed of expensive fish



In a tragic story coming out of Edmond, police report the theft of $10,000 worth of property from a residence, according to a recent story in The Edmond Sun.

What was stolen? Precious family heirlooms, an original Renoir, perhaps a giant diamond (this is Edmond we're talking about, after all)? No. Think along the gilled " not gilt " variety. An intrepid thief fished $10,000 worth of koi from the residence. This sounds like a job for Whiskers McKitten, PI.

This isn't the first koitastrophe (zing!) to rock the fair city. According to The Sun, $5,000 worth of koi were stolen from Crosstimber Koi just days before the most recent fish-napping. That same business was first hit in September, losing 27 koi worth a total of $42,550. This latest rash of dastardly thieving has no doubt left residents who can afford to drop $10,000 big ones of 38 decorative fish reeling. So, all eight of them, then?

Koi are basically jazzed up carp. They've been famous in Japan for centuries, often showing up in paintings and drawings and used by the Japanese as a symbol for love and friendship. The bred and domesticated fish first became popular in the U.S. after being introduced to Californians in the 1960s. The more exotic varieties of the fish can get very expensive " see the above paragraph for an example, in case you forgot.

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