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Based on a lesser known, but by no means any less pungent David Mamet play, "Edmond" is perhaps as close-to-the-bone as the playwright can get. A deceptively simple tale of a man who decides to embark upon a life-altering odyssey of debauchery, murder and madness, "Edmond" fairly explodes off the screen, featuring William H. Macy in one of the best performances of his career.
Those with delicate sensibilities have been warned: Mamet, who adapted his play for the screen, and "Re-Animator" director Stuart Gordon build a relentless, taut and ultimately haunting ode to the fear which drives us and the hate that consumes us. However, those who can appreciate abrasive art will be handsomely rewarded with one of the year's most brutal dramas.
The DVD includes, among other features, an intermittent commentary from Mamet, along with a much more informative yack-track from Gordon. Highly recommended.

"?Preston Jones


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