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Effort dies to make Lips tune Oklahoma's official rock song



The legislative effort to make "Do You Realize??" Oklahoma's official state rock 'n' roll song is dead for the next two years, according to state Rep. Joe Dorman, D-Rush Springs.

The measure failed on a tally of 48-39 because it needed 51 votes for a majority. If the full body had been in the chamber, it would have passed, Dorman said.

Today was the last day to pass bills that had been moved over from one chamber to another, according to legislative rules.

During debate, state Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, said he voted against the measure because he did not approve of the foul language The Flaming Lips have used in the past.

State Rep. Corey Holland, R-Marlow, spoke out against the bill, citing a photograph that several House members took with the band on the House floor last March in which a band member wore a shirt that had the communist hammer and sickle on the front (pictured above, Michael Ivins at left with lead singer Wayne Coyne at microphone).

"This is a black eye for the state," Dorman said. "Not only was this going to be a part of the celebration for the unveiling of the ('Another Hot Oklahoma Night') rock 'n' roll exhibit at the Oklahoma History Center, but national press had been scheduled to come in for the bill signing next week."

However, Gov. Brad Henry responded later to the legislative action by saying he would use an executive order to honor the vote so that the ceremony would take place as originally planned.

Dorman has called for a "huge" rally at the signing ceremony in support of the Flaming Lips on Tuesday. "Gazette staff

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