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Electric Six break out of the one-hit wonder mold



Electric Six
8 p.m. Sunday, Main stage

Electric Six first drew attention with the discofied rock of "Danger! High Voltage" and surf-inflected "Gay Bar" off its 2003 debut "Fire," although it had been around for seven years prior as The Wildbunch. Unfairly characterized as a gimmick band or one-hit wonder, the group has continued to release energetic, genre-spanning albums rife with sarcastic humor.

"We've grown from a band where everyone recognized us for two songs to a band where most people recognize us for two songs, and a select few recognize us for the fact that we have six albums out. Both are fine spots to be in," said front man Dick Valentine.

While many might be unfamiliar with Six's other tracks, that hasn't prevented its members from turning out driving rock jams on a yearly basis while sampling a spectrum of styles.

"We try to come up with different approaches and try very hard not to duplicate the record we just made," Valentine said.

Its latest is "Kill," and the group is already working on its seventh release, which Valentine suggested might shape up to be "bouncy" and "peppy" and include "Elements of Neil Diamond. Elements of The Left Banke. Elements of Prince. Elements of Electric Six." "Chris Parker

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