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Ellen's Chance



Looks like somebody is getting a raise on his allowance. Greyson Chance, the Edmond boy who visited Ellen DeGeneres a few weeks ago after a video of him performing for his middle school became a YouTube hit, is getting more good news.

After Greyson appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Ellen had a little announcement, according to Reuters.

"Greyson "¦ inspired me to start a record label called eleveneleven," Ellen said. "He is my first artist and we are making a record together."

Wha??? That makes us just the tiniest bit jealous (I mean, how many rock kazoo videos does Chicken-Fried News have to upload before Ellen notices us?).

And the good news for the Edmond middle-schooler just keeps coming. According to Reuters, Madonna's manager (yes, that Madonna) and Lady Gaga's manager (and yes, that Gaga, too) have agreed to co-manage young Greyson. That's probably a good thing, but we would warn Greyson to just say no to the crazy arm workouts and those hoof-esque heels.

But what Greyson seems to be most excited about is a snow cone.

"The biggest snow cone place is Bahama Ice," the kid said, according to BAM's Blog. "And so they made a snow cone for me: it's called the Greyson Michael Chance Snow Cone. If you have your own snow cone, you're big in Edmond."

Oh, Greyson, how unintentionally hilarious you are.

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