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en in "Rocket Science" and "Twilight." (We won't hold that last one against her.) Otherwise, for entertainment options, take the title's advice and look "Elsewhere."

Kendrick plays virginal high school student Sarah, whose best bud is a trailer-park skank named Jillian (Tania Raymonde, TV's "Lost" and "Cold Case"). Jillian is so trashy that she puts up photos of herself in her underwear online, loving the attention she receives from would-be cyber-suitors.

But not long afterward, she vanishes, sending her friend a numerical text message that Sarah eventually decodes "? with assistance "? as reading "help." So she goes looking online, trawling through Jillian's messages from pervs. Having never bought their friendship from frame one, I was unconvinced she'd even bother.

The budget is low, and your expectations should be set at such. Kendrick does what she can "? which is mostly allow the camera to love her "? but she can't help the story. Suspense is entirely minimal.

"?Rod Lott


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