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Reviewer's grade: C


Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty "? they're all ancestors for Giselle, a princess drawn in the classic Walt Disney mold (skinny, lily-white, apple-cheeked, impossibly cute). But their terrors don't compare to the hell that awaits Giselle when she's plunged into the real world that is present-day Times Square!


Lost and with no place to go, Giselle (Amy Adams) finds a substitute prince in the form of a conveniently single lawyer (Patrick Dempsey) while she awaits rescue from a real prince (James Marsden). The satire inherent in comparing the carefree world of animated characters to our crime-ridden one is never fully explored, despite best intentions.


Adams and Marsden give it their all, but there's little to support them beyond instantly disposable songs and situations so predictable, you'd know the end result just from the trailer alone. Then again, I'm not 7. PG


"?Rod Lott 



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