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Enid firefighter removes clothes, loses job



Editorial note: If you take off your clothes at a bar named "Crappy's," don't expect to keep your job with the Enid Fire Department.


That's what a female rookie firefighter discovered when she was terminated for doing so, according to several stories.


According to the accounts, the 22-year-old firefighter was whooping it up last November at Crappy's Warehouse Bar with several others of Enid's public safety professionals when she allegedly took it upon herself to do some strip teasin'.


"Obviously, she's on probation for the first year and that's when you're supposed to do your best," Enid Fire Chief Phil Clover told The Enid News & Eagle after the rookie's termination meeting.


According to the testimony, off-duty police officers were present for the routine at Crappy's but did nothing to intervene " a point not lost on the woman's attorney, David Henneke. Henneke criticized the chief for suggesting during the hearing that the woman's actions were somehow criminal.


"There were four off-duty Enid police officers who watched this whole thing and didn't do anything," Henneke said. "But he's sure she's committed a crime."


There was some support for the woman, according to the story. Capt. Leonard Harvey said he would have her back on his shift.


"I don't have any problem with having her back," (!) he said.


Still, others suggested that perhaps all was not well with the rookie, as the story noted she was "reprimanded for inappropriate discussions with other firefighters and for cursing, crying and pouting while on duty."

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