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Enid surgeon raises cloned cattle



From Reuters comes the heartwarming story of neurosurgeon Barry Pollard and his Pollard Farms, an Enid cattle ranch home to 22 cloned Black Angus mooers. Pollard said he's just one of many that are welcoming in a new age of agriculture.

"We're trying to stay on the very top of the heap of quality, genetically, with animals that will gain well and fatten well, produce well and reproduce well," he said.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the products begotten from cloned animals are no different from the non-cloned.

Yet. But wait until wanting to stay on "top of the heap" leads to sheep that are trained in jujitsu and hogs that pack a roundhouse kick that would make Walker, Texas Ranger cry. Yeah, it could happen.

Cloning isn't yet widespread. Each of Pollard's 22 cows probably cost around $15,000 to create, according to Mark Walton, president of Austin, Texas-based ViaGen.

But, that just proves our theory. If you're a farmer spending $15K a pop, could you to inquire about extras? Maybe upgrade to lasers for eyes, or cyanide emissions instead of methane?

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