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Enid vandals become a phallic menace



Mayhem caused by Garfield County vandals has moved into the city of Enid, according to a story published in The Oklahoman.


The first wave of vandalism came after hoodlums stole two trucks from Rite-Way Construction late on Nov. 24 and used them for an overnight "vandalism spree" that caused $100,000 in damage and killed a cow.


About a week later, ballsy vandals committed less destructive but cockier crimes when they spray painted "phallic symbols" on "just about anything that would hold still long enough," according to another Oklahoman story.


Enid police Capt. Dean Grassino told the newspaper that police received about 10 reports of graffiti around Dec. 1, but officers didn't think the two events were related or committed by the same vandals.


Chicken-Fried News' hung jury thinks the phallically minded members of this painting spree should be given the shaft.

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