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Enter Nowhere



Three stranded strangers end up arriving at a cabin in the omnipresent middle of nowhere. Jody (Sara Paxton, Shark Night) has just robbed a convenience store. Sam (Katherine Waterston, Taking Woodstock) is newly pregnant and looking for her husband. Tom (Scott Eastwood, son of yep, that guy) is dealing with a broken-down car.

The temperature drops below zero at night. There’s no phone, no bathroom.

"I am in the third ring of hell,” says Jody. She's close.

"There's something wrong with this cabin," says Tom. Ya think?

There’s something wrong with Enter Nowhere, and that is primarily a languid pace and a “twist” offensively predictable to anyone who pays attention — not even close attention, even middling will do — to those opening scenes.

 The film marks the directorial debut of Jack Heller, producer of many a Steve Austin direct-to-DVD vehicle, most recently Tactical Force. This effort has better actors. In fact, it is not so much “bad” as it just inconsequential. At a third of the length — in other words, as an episode to an anthology series — it would be markedly more effective. —Rod Lott

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