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Entertainment-seeking Newcastle man's yard features lightning-attracting device



We've really been meaning to install a pendulum out back that can saw visitors in half, with plans to follow it up with a pit of alligators. But we haven't found the time, and now our deathtrap dreams have been beaten by a Newcastle man stealing our thunder "¦ er, make that lightning.


As KXII-TV Channel 12 in Texhoma reported, Kevin Eldredge has built what he calls "a high-frequency, high-voltage resonant transformer" in his back yard, aka a Tesla coil, aka a towering instrument of potential death. Apparently, having a trampoline just isn't dangerous enough anymore.


The coil stands 16 feet high and harnesses electrical energy out of the sky that snaps, crackles and pops into wicked bolts of unpredictable lightning. (Don't believe it? Check out his YouTube videos at But why would someone want to play weather wizard with " let's not beat around the bush " things that could kill you?


"I like lightning. I like to watch lightning " sparks " and this took care of that," Eldredge told the station. Oh, well in that case "¦


Yet KXII also reported that Eldredge admits to having an imperfect memory, which forces him to follow a written checklist when operating the coil, lest he do something wrong, like electrocution or " according the "The Prestige" " make multiple clones of himself.

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