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Entertainment-starved students find alternative in standup comedy



Whether as a participant or a viewer, college students are gravitating toward comedy open-mike nights as a viable entertainment source.

Seth Joseph, University of Oklahoma journalism graduate student and aspiring comedian, helped start open-mike night at Othello's in Norman back in March. He said even when most students were gone for the summer, the place still had a large showing.

Joseph said you can't categorize all the various groups of people that comprise the crowd.

"There are too many variables," he said. "There are the people who come out in tie-dye, there (are) the J. Crew kids, the average guy wearing a Fall Out Boy T-shirt."

Clint Privett, OU social studies education senior, has been to Othello's on Tuesday nights several times, having heard about it through friends. Most people probably hope to laugh at the comics' jokes, but he finds humor in a different way.

"I like to see people choke onstage and sweat balls," Privett said. "There are some funny people and some kicks, but not every time."

Andy Vaughn, OU advertising senior, said he's noticed the college scene has taken interest in seeing comedy live. He said he thinks it's gaining in popularity in college towns because it's out of the norm of activities students usually do.

"I enjoy it every time I go," Vaughn said. "I hope this grows into something bigger "? maybe an actual comedy club in Norman." "?Heather Caliendo


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