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Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman




The title of the book instantly put me off "? it all smacked too much of people who dress up and go to Renaissance festivals. I like a good fantasy as much as the next nerd, but I tend to draw the line at dragons. And "Eon," by Australian author Alison Goodman, is chock full of a peculiar type of dragon.

The thing is, however, that dragons or no, "Eon" is a well-written story of great imagination. It follows Eon, a young boy who has been studying Dragon Magic, an intensive training to understand the 12 different "dragon" energies that are based in Asian astrology. Except Eon is actually Eona, a girl, and if anyone discovered her secret identity, things wouldn't turn out so well for her.

"Eon" takes place in a medieval-style world of Goodman's making, where imperial struggles and magic are commonplace. The book is 531 pages long, and the first in a planned duo. But, the pacing is quick and it's sure to capture the attention of middle grade and some young adult readers.

"?Jenny Coon Peterson

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