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Ermahgerd layzurs!



Lasers are no longer only found in campy science-fiction movies or on dry-erase boards during school lectures.

Lasers can be used to enhance your appearance. (Not trying to say you need it, beautiful.)

Generally, we try to look good for one another. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, there’s only a short number of years on this Earth to showcase what we’ve got. Why not make those attributes the best we can, with a few, easy alterations?

Now, I’m not advocating that everyone run out and get new noses and huge boobs. If that’s your thing, go for it. But if you’re in the market for a small change to boost your self-confidence, by all means, carpe diem.

At Signature Skin Care (1300 E. Ninth; 341-6009) in Edmond, you can laser your face. When I first started getting eye wrinkles, I’ll admit to having a full-on panic attack. A few days of some serious reflection landed me in a place of acceptance.

But if you can’t reach that place — or don’t want to — just laser them away. Fraxel (not to be confused with fracking) is used at this treatment spa. It’s a gentle, Food and Drug Administration-approved, skin rejuvenation that can help reverse those signs of aging. It also can be used for acne scars, age spots and general skin resurfacing.

Once you’ve got your skin nice and shiny again, you’ll probably want to remove any errant hairs. Let’s face it: Eyebrow waxing, threading or sugaring isn’t a treat.

At The Medical Spa by Juan A. Brou (5300 N. Grand; 945-0001), your wish for baby-smooth skin can come true in a more lasting fashion.

Treatments start at around $75 per area, and a consultation will help determine the number of treatments. Keep your eye on Facebook, because frequent online-only specials are advertised there.

After that, there’s only one thing left to discuss. Yes, I’m talking about that tramp stamp of a Disney character on your lower back and those tattooed initials of your long-gone college love. Isn’t it time to think about giving your skin a break from the tats you don’t absolutely love? Put a laser on it!

Anticipation Tattoo Removal (3120 W. Britton; 752-2229) can remove it. Typically, a removal requires five to 10 sessions, and yes, it will hurt. Remember the tiny needle that stabbed you hundreds of time when you were inking your body? (Or maybe you don’t, which is how you ended up with a tattoo in the first place.) Alas, beauty is pain. And in this case, you can reclaim your lower back or make your current significant other much happier.

Personally, I’ve decided to embrace my wrinkles, and thankfully, I’ve not woken up with any tattoos I regret. I will be lasering my brows, however.

Hey, you’ve got choices: the path of self-acceptance or the path of lasers. Let’s shop, OKC!

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