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Esquire endorses Rice, slams Inhofe



From the looks of U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe's current campaign commercials, which end with the Oklahoma Republican walking in slow motion toward the camera, one might think the senior senator is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Well, the venerable Esquire magazine ain't kneeling down at that one.

In its annual "Esquire Endorses America" feature, in which the 75-year-old periodical casts its vote on 482 nationwide races, the magazine declined to give Inhofe its check of approval, opting instead for his Democratic opponent, state Sen. Andrew Rice.

To add insult to injury, Esquire declared, "Inhofe stands alone as the worst member of Congress." (Emphasis theirs.)

"Inhofe believes that 9/11 was divine retribution. He believes that our Middle East policy should be based on the text of the Bible. He denies the science behind global warning," the magazine's justification reads. "Doesn't like students. Doesn't care for poor people. Hates government. Like Jesse Helms, without the charm."


In the House of Representative races, Esquire gives thumbs up to Demo Okies Georgianna Oliver and Dan Boren, and to Repub Okies Frank Lucas, Tom Cole and Mary Fallin. The mag believes Fallin "brings an impressive record as a three-term lieutenant governor. Perhaps now she can get past the posturing and put her experience to good use."

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