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Evanescence singer hopes to connect with OKC audience



Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee looks forward to bringing rock to out-of-the-way places that need it most.
"Not that Oklahoma City is the middle of nowhere, but as compared to L. A. or Chicago," Lee said. "It's more fun to play Salt Lake City because the fans are so excited because they need that release in their life."
Lee said the band, which hails from Little Rock, Ark., has a special relationship with middle-America audiences.
"I think that isolation breeds creativity. It's a lot of boredom. Not having anything to do but go to Wal-Mart and Barnes & Noble at night makes you want to stay home and write music," she said.
After several bleak singles, Evanescence's new album, "The Open Door," reflects Lee's new emotional outlook of optimism.
"It takes a lot of bravery to expose such hopeful feelings," she said. "I'm a lot happier now. The new album shares a lot of things, but it has a lot of aggression and baggage. But by the end of it, I felt awesome."
Lee said she is thankful audiences can connect to the music, which she sees as a type of therapy.
"It's venting my deepest fears and sorrows," she said. "It's also love, but a lot of it is venting. A lot of people relate to our music; it's something to connect to. It's encouraging them to be empowered." "Joshua Michael Torres

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