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Evangelicals spread good word of new album



"I was attacked by dogs, weirdos were coming around, crazy shit was always happening," he said. "No Internet, no TV " that place was pretty depressing."

Work on that new album, "The Evening Descends," is complete and the band will debut the album Thursday night at the Meacham Auditorium on the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman.

Jones said he spent a long time mainlining David Bowie while preparing for the new recording. A healthy dose of playful experimentation shines through on the disc as the boys stretch for sounds to tell the various stories of the nocturnal discontent playing throughout.

"It's about their internal conflicts on how to solve the problems. Sometimes they don't make very good choices, sometimes they do," he said.

The act's cozy relationship with critics is something Jones appreciates, but not something he is counting on, adding that good or bad reviews don't always affect album sales or influence fans.

"With the first record, we were just making music for ourselves," he said. "With the second record, we wanted to make music for other people. I want to make music that other people will like and can have a positive impact on their lives."

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