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Ever so Humble



Edmond’s favorite pizzerias. For one thing, when you talk to Matt and Joy Heard, owners of the restaurant, they’re absolutely humbled by their success.

Matt is a tinker and a mad scientist in the kitchen, and the menu at Humble Pie is a mix of traditional favorites and his out-there culinary creations.

But here’s the good news: Whether you’re there for mild or wild, Humble Pie is really good.

The first thing you need to order is the Deathstar ($6.95) and, if you’re getting one, whichever variety of deep-dish pizza you want. See, real Chicago-style deep dish — for which Humble Pie is renowned — takes a while to bake. So if you’re getting one, order it right away.

But back to the Deathstar. It’s an enormous 1-pound meatball filled with cheese. And it’s covered in marinara sauce.

Now, to the crusts. Humble Pie has three: New York-style thin crust, Chicago-style deep dish and the “confused crust,” which is a New York-style crust done up Chicago-style. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but the real draw is the deep dish and the amazing buttery, flaky crust.

But what do you put on that crust? I have a few recommendations. First up, the Buffalo chicken ($17 for a large, $8 for a small) is wonderful. There’s a Buffalo sauce that is all flavor and very little heat, a big pile of its special cheese blend and lots of chicken. There’s ranch and bleu cheese on the side for dipping.

I had the Bermuda Triangle on the New York crust ($19 for a large, $10 for a small), but I bet it would be great in the deep dish. This is a vegetarian pie with a mix of pineapple, jalapeño and feta cheese paired with the red sauce and the cheese blend. Lots of flavor. Lots of heat. Lots of smiling faces.

For something richer, I loved the Mushroom Madness, which uses Alfredo sauce as a base and a boatload of portobello, white and shiitake mushrooms under a mountain of cheese ($22 for large deep dish, $9 for small).
I have to say, however, the two I’m craziest about are the most normal and the most crazy. The normal one is the Cheese the Day, which — can you believe it? — has a ton of cheese. Not just its cheese blend, but also more cheese. So much cheese.

Is there a cheese shortage in America? Probably, because I keep ordering this one.

And, geez, I’m not even allowed to tell you about the last one. So don’t tell anybody, because it’s not on the menu yet. I won’t even tell you the name, but the best way to describe it is Bobo’s Chicken: The Pizza.
Humble Pie gets busy. It’s only open for dinner. It’s super nice. And, most importantly, the food is really good. You won’t regret it.

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