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Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty



l style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">"The Big Dirty" is the latest from the band, which follows 2005's "Gutter Phenomenon." ETID may not appeal to the metal purist. There isn't a lot of dark dragon imagery, machine-gun double-bass drums or all-out guitar shredding, but vocalist Keith Buckley, whose voice actually gets better album after album, is about as heavy you can get while still being somewhat understandable.


Songs like "A Gentleman's Sport" and "We'rewolf" are classic ETID, fast and heavy. Well, actually just about all of them are fast and heavy. "Leatherneck" features about 80 percent of the album's actual singing, which is surprisingly good, given that Buckley usually grunt-growls in relative pitch to the guitars.


If you are going to fight a gaggle of zombies or planning to lead a high-speed chase any time soon, better grab "The Big Dirty."


"?Joe Wertz

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