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Everyone should run for office in 2010



Year after year, people complain about government. When asked what they have done about the failed government, they say they voted, they wrote to their legislator. Those actions didn't work: Voting and e-mailing only achieved the status quo.

Year after year, people complain that not enough people vote; those complaints don't move people to vote.

If we really want change, maybe we individuals need to change.

We all should run for office in 2010. We should have multiple candidates in every one of the House Districts and Senate Districts up for re-election. Let's turn up the heat: Let's have at least three Democrats, three Republicans and three independents candidates in each.

Cost to file for House and Senate is only $200. That $200 will be well spent, and you will get a voice that is heard. Winning isn't imperative; being heard is important. Check with the Oklahoma State Election Board for details, such as filing dates (June 7-9), registered in the district/party for six months and paperwork, rules and regulations.

If you are permitted and don't file, I don't want to hear you complain. No excuses allowed.
"Richard Prawdzienski

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