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Evolutionary War



More disturbing than her ignorance of evolution is Judy Wesselhoft's insistence that our children deserve to be kept ignorant, especially in a state whose science standards have routinely garnered an "F," on par with Arkansas and Alabama, for not even mentioning the word evolution.

Wesselhoft might just as well question why the U.S. government spends millions of tax dollars each year funding research on fruit flies, zebra fish, rats and monkeys, research which, by the way, leads to medical advances for the human race. Unbeknownst to Wesselhoft, apparently, is that not only does she share cellular mechanisms with the above animals, but she even shares many their genes. Like it or not, she is related to all life on earth, as are we all.

Without evolution, it gets a bit tricky trying to explain to our children why, during the past 70 years, the creator decided to make a new species of mosquito found only in the London subway system. Or why she created, during the past 5 million years, more than 700 species of fruit flies that live on the Hawaiian Islands and nowhere else.

It's embarrassing to live in a state where ignorance is something touted so proudly. Hopefully, our children will do better in science than their parents.
"Ola Fincke
Fincke is a professor in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oklahoma.

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