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Executive decision



And so it is we come again to Christina Fallin, daughter of Gov. Mary Fallin.

Christina Fallin, 24, was chosen as the August Girl of the Month for Twenty Something Magazine, and partook in a photo shoot at the Governor’s Mansion as part of that.

A hyper-kinetic video on the online magazine’s site offered a “behind the scenes” look at the photo shoot, which juxtaposed Christina Fallin in her neo-goth attire against the columns at her momma’s Dutch Colonial mansion. Fashioned in a platinum bob and platform heels, Christina Fallin modeled variations on a theme of black and white: form-fitting black vinyl, a shawl seemingly borrowed from the set of “The Crow,” a belted, transparent number, and — wait for it — a choker resembling a dog collar.

Then the video got yanked. Thankfully, the hedonistic voyeurs at The Lost Ogle blog swooped in to once again save the day and post a copy of the video for everyone to enjoy.

When asked by the Tulsa World what the heck was going on, the governor’s spokesman Alex Weintz said the photo shoot was not authorized.

“The governor was not at the mansion during the photo shoot, nor was she or any member of her staff asked to approve the photo shoot on mansion grounds or informed of the details,” Weintz told the World. “Photo shoots and press events at the mansion are generally cleared on a case-by-case basis by the governor’s press office. This one fell outside of the normal operating procedure.”

Maybe, but we’re guessing that having your daughter frolicking provocatively at the Governor’s Mansion wearing clothing that possibly cost more than most Oklahomans earn in a month could generate some bad PR.

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