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Exhibit of Pulitzer Prize-winning photos documents life's triumphs, tragedies



More than 60 years of life caught in the lenses of the world's best photographers can be seen in a single, awe-inspiring exhibit in Oklahoma City that starts Saturday.

The International Photography Hall of Fame is hosting "Capture the Moment: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs," an expansive array of the very best images from life-changing political, social and cultural events worldwide, from 1942 to 2007.

Two of the photographs were taken here in Oklahoma, said IPHF director Katie Sutton:
" a 1952 series by John Robinson and Don Ultang of the Des Moines Register showing the "Johnny Bright incident," and
" a 1995 shot by Charles Porter of an Oklahoma fireman cradling the dead Baylee Almon in his arms after the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing.

Visitors to the exhibit won't have to cower and squint to see the photos, as the images in the traveling exhibit stand several feet high, Sutton said, and are presented with a description and firsthand narrative of events leading up to the photo's moment.

Saturday's opening reception will feature a guest lecture by Cyma Rubin, the exhibit's curator, who will discuss the history of the Pulitzer, its significance and the award's impact on culture and the business of journalism.

Tickets for the exhibit are $20 at the door or $15 in advance for nonmembers. IPHF members and students can purchase tickets for $10. For more information, call 424-4055 or visit their site.

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