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Exploring meth



Sometimes, you just have to make do. So you wanted a new backpack " we understand, that "Dora the Explorer" pack you've been sporting is a bit too "¦ let's say young. But when times are tough, you just have to store your meth lab components in what's available.

Oh, how we wish this one wasn't real. But a Broken Arrow couple allegedly dashed those hopes when they were arrested Aug. 10 in Broken Arrow with a "rolling meth lab" in a "Dora the Explorer" child's backpack, according to The News on 6.

Cecil and Melissa Martin were pulled over by the cops that evening with two kids, ages 1 and 2, in the vehicle, according to the report. Make that two kids and a "rolling meth lab" packed away into the pint-sized bag.

"It's a 'Dora the Explorer' backpack," said Broken Arrow police department's Major Carole Newell. "A little pink one."

We're making a serious, sad face right now.

According to the cops, the meth lab wasn't operational, but all the ingredients needed to go all "Breaking Bad" were tucked inside the pink backpack.

The Martins were arrested on complaints of manufacturing meth, and the two kiddos are now in state custody.

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