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Here is a newspaper headline you don't see too often: "Dino's head returns."

It was quite an adventurous week for the owner of a Norman gas station and his beloved dinosaur mascot. From stories gathered by The Norman Transcript, here is a recount of what can only be described as a head-scratching tale.

Jerry Masters is the owner of Masters Oil Company on Main Street. Five years ago, he bought a 700-pound fiberglass dinosaur statue, nicknamed Dino, to place outside his business. His gas station serves up Sinclair fuel, which uses a green dinosaur as its mascot.

On Aug. 12, someone, for reasons unknown, took a chain saw to Dino and fled the scene with his head. Early CFN speculation centers on the return of college students to the University of Oklahoma campus last week; however, surely even a fraternity wouldn't defame a harmless dinosaur statue, one that greeted every customer with a smile.

Masters put out the call, and The Transcript ran a story pleading for Dino's head to be returned. Carl Wienecke fulfilled Master's wishes and returned the lost item upon finding it at the corner of Elmwood Drive and Chautauqua Avenue. Incidentally, that intersection is very close to the OU campus. Wienecke delivered the precious cargo in a backpack on his bicycle. The savior was given a reward of $250.

"I really like the dinosaur," Wienecke told The Transcript. "I look forward to seeing the whole dinosaur again."

Not exactly a case for Sherlock Holmes, but an interesting mystery for a college town.

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