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Against better judgment, I laughed several times during "Extreme Movie." I certainly didn't expect to. After all:

the comedy has sat on the shelf for, like, ever;

it went straight to DVD;

it has 10 screenwriters; and

it has the word "Movie" in the title "? rarely a good sign.

Oh, it's no gem, but for something with presumably so many strikes against it going in, "Extreme Movie" ain't so bad. It's a sketch film in the same vein as "Kentucky Fried Movie" or "Amazon Women on the Moon," but with all the bits centered on teen sex. Several characters appear in several, scattered throughout, but there's no pesky plot to follow.

If there's a main character, it's "Punk'd"'s Ryan Pinkston as a scrawny high school virgin perpetually embarrassed by the sex-ed lectures of his teacher (John Farley, who steals the scenes). In other sequences, Matthew Lillard dishes out sex advice, Andy Milonakis dates a sex toy and Frankie Muniz learns how wild his girlfriend really is. Seeing Michael Cera asked by a online hookup to show up at her door posing as a rapist "? but accidentally going to the wrong apartment "? is funny, but seeing Jamie Kennedy do his thing is not.

Spotty is an apt descriptor for the film; even with missed targets, the brief running time won't leave you feeling cheated. Cameos from Abe Lincoln and a horny puppet help make up for a surprising lack of nudity.

 "?Rod Lott


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