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Eye of the Devil



Despite being told not to, Catherine Montfaucon (Deborah Kerr) takes the kids and follows hubby Philippe (David Niven) from their Paris home to the perfectly Gothic vineyard Castle Bellenac in "Eye of the Devil," a 1966 thriller from veteran director J. Lee Thompson ("Cape Fear").
There, she finds Donald Pleasence as a man of the cloth, Sharon Tate as a witchy woman who can turn toads into doves, and David Hemmings as a guy who loves to pierce those doves with his arrows and expert aim. Also, there's a cult of black hooded robe-wearing folks on the premises with a thirst for sacrifice. Yep, Catherine's a prisoner; don't you wish you'd listened to your spouse, girl?
"Eye" would make a good episode for an anthology TV series of old, but it's too drawn out at 95 minutes. It sports some nice, black-and-white photography of a creepy setting that is, alas, not used to its potential. If the cult angle interests you, but wish "The Wicker Man" were watered-down, you may find it decent enough. Order it made on demand from Warner Archive. "?Rod Lott


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