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Eyes of the Mothman



Intrigued? Everything you could possibly want
to know — actually, way, way more — about the likely mythical beast is
covered in "Eyes of the Mothman," a tiresome documentary film by Matthew
J. Pellowski.

I should note up front that the work is a
needlessly self-indulgent 155 minutes long, and it takes 40 minutes
before Pellowski really even gets to the mysterious flying man with
hypnotic eyes and angelic wings. First, he covers the town's back story,
from the supposed curse of Shawnee warrior Chief Cornstalk in the early
days of the American Revolution to TNT "igloos" around town.

the nature of its subject, the film relies on re-enactments and
(mostly) talking-head interviews with the same handful of locals. I have
no doubt Pellowski did his homework, but potentially was too close to
it to produce something with mass appeal, as "Eyes" is mind-numbingly
repetitive and pedestrian in its pacing. One person will say something
unremarkable, in more words than needed, only to be followed by another
person saying the same thing. Its “insider baseball” approach may be
fascinating for folklorists, but keeps more casual viewers at bay.

the Mothman story, it simply lacks suspense. I can recommend it only to
the hard-core cryptozoological crowd (likely its intended viewership,
what with an extra disc of "extended interviews" and a "psychic
walk-through") and not one soul else. —Rod Lott

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