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Lucky for you, I have impossibly sensitive skin that leaves me with a cornucopia of facial products and plenty of recommendations for the goods out there. Where can you find them in our city? Glad you asked!

The MakeUp Bar (7646 N. Western; 810-1226) is the local gift from the product gods. When the weather is nice, the door stays propped open, beckoning you in for face treats. Probably one of the things I love most about being a girl is that I get to play with makeup. My heart rate goes up when I see the tiny Nars and Girlactik bundles begging for a new home.

TMB was unpacking a new shipment of Nars, and I got a sneak at the fall/winter color palette. Think vibrant, rich and early ’90s-inspired. Don't shy away from peach or burgundy or neon pastels on your lids. Skin assessors are in-shop to help you determine needs if you’re new to product palaces.

right, Soap at Craig's Emporium

Also, fellows, don't fear the shop just because it smells a little girlie. It has an ample selection of skin and beard care product, toting the popular Kiehl's brand made with natural-derived ingredients. For those with sensitive skin, I've personally tried and had no problem with Nars and Girlactik makeup. For you with a resilient veneer, you'll be good to go as well.

When's the last time you visited Akin's Natural Foods (2924 N.W. 63rd; 843-3033)? Although you may not traditionally think of a grocery as a one-stop shop for face maintenance, adjust that. Not only will you be met with a friendly staff and helpful vitamin aficionados, but you get a quality makeup recommendation.  
When it comes to body care, this local hidey-hole is king.

From homemade soap to anti-aging serums, you'll be able to stock up on anything your face needs: Zum Bar (I love the clove-mint), Hugo Naturals, Avalon Organics, Ecco Bella (I recently switched to this and love it).

Let's hear it for the boys! Not only does Akin's offer an eco-friendly, triple-blade razor made from recycled yogurt cups, but it houses hair, skin and shave care products by Aubrey Organics, Jason Natural and Depth.
Want to exfoliate deeper into local? I can dig. And so can Craig's Emporium (3004 Paseo; 524-9447). Nestled in the Paseo District, this shop of wonder lures you in,  partly because you can smell the delicious aroma of homemade candles and incense a block away. This haven is home to an array of goodies, but toward the back, you'll find a soapy pièce de résistance: natural fragrances in oregano carrot, apricot, clay and ginseng.

Let's shop, OKC!

Photo by Mark Hancock

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