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Fair enough



On the final day of the State Fair of Oklahoma, more than 20 people fell to the ground simultaneously, as onlookers stood baffled. Were they overcome by the Sunday heat? Had they consumed an expired corn dog? Did Jesus Christ decide to come back, but only in small pockets? Or were they just part of some public relations stunt?

Yeah, the latter, designed solely to get some free ink. (Oh, crap! They tricked us!)

According to a press release from Saxum PR, the "sleep mob" wore T-shirts reading "Wake up, Wireless" and "The Belief Project," plus a URL we're not going to reveal here, because we don't give out ads for free.

"This sleep mob signals that we are trying to change the way people think about wireless," said Tommy Arens, director of sales for a company (hint: rhymes with Moo Less Hell Pooh Bar). "We can't wait to wake up the industry, and we think you'll be pleased when our exciting new programs are announced this week."

Those exciting new programs include such as ... wait, we're getting sleepy ... THUNK ... zzzzzzzzzzzz ...

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