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Fall Brew Review 2017 panelists


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Oklahomans are patiently waiting as the state’s alcohol laws finally enter the 21st century in 2018, but the revolution has been ongoing.

We’ve come a long way from only having low-point beer, and breweries are opening seemingly every month in all areas of the state.

With the help of people like Gail White, who runs The Brew Shop, 2916 N. Pennsylvania Ave., where you can get started as a home brewer or peruse a healthy selection of craft beer, and Nick Trougakos, who runs the craft beer-centric Thirsty Beagle blog, Oklahomans are becoming more knowledgeable about beer beyond the major label mainstays.

White and Trougakos, along with beer enthusiast Mary Coyne and Oklahoma Gazette’s Jacob Threadgill, convened to take part in the second Fall Brew Review to help Oklahoma City residents navigate which seasonal beers they should try as the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop.

The panel tested only beer available in the Oklahoma City market this fall, which included those that are locally brewed and even some from overseas. Oktoberfest in Munich has become the world’s preeminent beer drinking festival, and the beer recipes that come out of Germany often date back centuries.

The differences between American- and German-style Oktoberfest beer were debated between panelists, along with discussions on whether or not fall was a proper time to enjoy an IPA with a fruity aroma. They also tested four different pumpkin beers because the popularity of pumpkin spice lattes has infiltrated every other aspect of American drink and cuisine. It turns out that it is possible to have the flavors of pumpkin spice without tasting artificial or cloying.

The panel embarked on the taste test for the greater good. You don’t want to get stuck with spending your hard-earned cash on a subpar ale or an Oktoberfest from a major brewery. Continue reading for a breakdown of 20 of the top 28 beers from the panel and the information for this season’s beer events.

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