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Fall for all!



Let the whimsy of fall steal you away for a few months. Everything seems a bit more romantic, pumpkin-spice everything abounds and the new fall products and gifts start appearing in your Facebook feed and on the shelves of your favorite local shops.

Maybe you aren’t sold on the wonder of fall — why wouldn’t you be?— but you’ll still need something to do to fill all those hours you otherwise would be spending at the lake.

It’s an excellent chance to start planning for holiday gift giving. Better yet, it’s a good time to start shopping. Now there won’t be lines and crowds and traffic. Plus, you’ll get the pick of the new fall and winter items.

And if you’re already smitten with the cooler air and boots weather, you don’t need a reason to cruise around town for the cutest fall wear.

A great place to start shopping is A Date with Iris (4201 N. Western; 604- 5959), a quaint shop that is home to a top-notch floral studio.

Tucking flowers away for your loved ones until the holidays might not work, but A Date with Iris has more than just buds and bouquets! Here, you’ll find an array of gifts like Plains-inspired soaps and dishes or travel bags and lunch bags that display various woodland creatures.

The shop gets new things in frequently and is the perfect stop before a happy hour or dining along Western. Consider picking out an autumnal bouquet for your table at home.

If you want to check out a new shop that opened earlier this month, scope out Massive Downtown (2895 Broce Drive; 364-3594) in Norman. It’s another multipurpose shop, all housed in one building but offering a variety of goods.

While Massive may not have flowers, you can get clothes (the store has its own screen printer), art or even get your hair done. You’ll find all products to be local-friendly and creative — not things you can pick up anywhere else. It’s the kind of stop perfect for that one gift-getter who is hard to please.

Whether you’re gift shopping or sprucing up your fall wardrobe, Lucca Fashion Boutique (1901 Northwest Expressway; 879-9876) in Penn Square Mall is right on point with every fall fashion you can image. Studded ankle boots? Check. MM Denim? You bet! And don’t worry: The place also has plenty of jewelry to put with all the new outfits you’ll be taking home.

So, whether you’re shopping to pass the time or shopping out of excitement for fall, you won’t have any trouble finding things to buy. Let’s shop, OKC!

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