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Dear "decision-makers" at the Gazette,

Great cover (Malena Lott, "Modern Oklahoma family," Nov. 17, Gazette)!

Sometimes, a single decision can start ripples spreading through a whole society, bringing about change in consciousness that affects tens of thousands.

Your decision to put Angel Porch's photo of Eddie Walker and Timothy Fields and their adopted sons on the cover thrust the reality of their family before tens of thousands of Oklahomans.

Regardless "the laws" in our state, or the dominant popular opinion, the expansion of justice and human rights call for such public leadership toward accepting and celebrating the real diversity in the human family.

There is a young gay person in Oklahoma who was considering suicide until they saw this issue of the Oklahoma Gazette and its cover, giving recognition and dignity to the same-gender relationship between Walker and Fields. A picture is worth a thousand words.

"Nathaniel Batchelder
Oklahoma City

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