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Famous last words



There are Sooner fans, and then there are SOONER FANS. Jeffrey Landrigan is, or at least was, one of the latter. According to CNN, Landrigan, a convicted murderer who was put to death Oct. 26 by lethal injection in Arizona, did not apologize nor ask for forgiveness from the victim's family, but made his final words on this planet "Boomer Sooner."

Landrigan, 50, was an alum of the Oklahoma state penal system, serving a term for second-degree murder before escaping in 1989. He later strangled Chester Dean Dyer a year later during an armed burglary, for which he received a death sentence and began his stint at the prestigious Arizona Department of Corrections.

After consuming a down-home meal consisting of a heaping-helping of steak, fried okra, french fries, strawberry ice cream and Dr Pepper, Landrigan thanked his family and friends for attending before uttering one final "Boomer Sooner."

Somewhere in the night, did Billy Sims stir uncomfortably in his slumber at that exact moment?

A CFN tally of how many former OU athletes may have been cellmates with Landrigan throughout his years had not yet been completed by press time.

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