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Fan fiction, art contest winners to be announced at party



Tomorrow's great fiction writers and artists may be located right here in Oklahoma City. Judge for yourself by browsing the winning entries of the fan fiction and art contest on Saturday at Southern Oaks Library, 6900 S. Walker.

Co-sponsored by the Scarlet Kitsune Anime Club, the contest allowed kids and teens " and even adults " the chance to submit their own works utilizing their favorite fictional characters. Winners will be announced during the 1:30-4 p.m. event.

John Hilbert, young adult services librarian, said the contest welcomed creative minds of all ages to get involved in the imaginative world of fan fiction and art.

"We always expect a huge array of participation from different age groups. It's quite amazing what people come up with," Hilbert said. "I think the best thing about fan fiction and fan art is it allows people's natural exuberance for a literary character or any character to inspire them to create."

Fan fiction and art are both works in words or graphics about a generally recognized creation originated by someone other than the writer or artist. Ordinarily perceived as a violation of copyright " and which still would be the case, if created for profit " fan fiction helps keep copyright holders' concepts alive, providing valuable publicity.

Prizes to be awarded include:
" $100 Visa gift cards,
" gift certificates,
" cash,
" DVDs,
" manga,
" plushies and more.

For more information, call 631-4468 or visit their site.

"Joanna Rus

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