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Fans respond to emo rockers Dashboard Confessional



Chris Carrabba once said that during concerts, he'll find someone in the audience who really feels the music and he will have "eye sex" with them.

Oklahoma City audience members may " and many probably hope " to experience some "eye sexing" with Carrabba when his band Dashboard Confessional comes to Oklahoma Friday as part of the KJ103 Summer Jam.

Samantha Samuel said when she first heard Dashboard's music, it was a breath of fresh air.

"The thing I love most is Chris' voice is completely different. You can really hear the influence from Tom Petty, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen," she said. "It's cool to hear them come through in his own unique style."

Samuel said a big factor of what she loves about the band is the tone of the songs and Carrabba's voice.

"If you've heard a lot of their stuff, it's got this mellow, raw feel to it," she said. "Chris' voice is really clear and nice, but at the same time, the music has the raw emotional appeal. I dig that."

Alvin Figueroa said he's liked Carrabba's music before Carrabba even formed Dashboard. He agreed the acoustic sound of Dashboard's first material set it apart from other bands.

"I liked them initially because of the emotional effect. They definitely caused you to think of the words, but focus on meaning and emotion," he said. "They were taking this hard-core sound and bringing in acoustic sound." "Heather Caliendo

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