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Fashion, turn to the left!



His thick-framed glasses
caught glasses caught our attention initially. In fact,
it was such a craze that people went straight out and bought
prescription-less frames just to be part of the fad.

just like any fashion savant who has topped the judge-y mountain that
is high fashion, clout comes to the true sartorialist who embodies a
perfect balance of class, style evolution and shock value.

Wherever Westbrook lands ... is the money spot. Last week, he sat front-andcenter (shoulder to shoulder!) with the September
person — the untouchable fashion maven upon which an entire industry
was built — the indelible Anna Wintour, longtime chief of Vogue. released photos of the pair looking like ... old ... pals at the Rag & Bone Spring 2014 show.

Wintour donned her classic straight bob and blunt bangs with an impeccably tailored tweed suit, while her counterpart shed his
frames, had the cleanest of shaves and wore an asymmetrically zipped
vest over a fitted polka-dot shirt, which was rolled to his elbow.

Westbrook completed the look with a cock-eyed porkpie hat, because after
all, quirky touches are his trademark.

that the goddess of style has taken the young sports god under her
wing, will this mean new trends for the upcoming Thunder season crowd?
Will we see an increase in drop-crotch pants and porkpie hats?

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