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Fat to fit



Illustration: Brad Gregg

Stories — a website de- signed to “celebrate the different stories that
are coming out of Facebook” — released its list of top 10 Fittest
Cities last week, and OKC placed eighth.

right: The same place that, in 2007, launched a citywide weight-loss
program (ingeniously branded as “This City Is Going on a Diet”) somehow
has morphed into one of the nation’s fittest municipalities close to
overnight. Eat your heart out, other, fatter cities! (We’re lookin’ at
you, Little Rock!)

The study was based on “fitness-related mentions,
check-ins and use of fitness apps over a period of three months in U.S.
cities with at least 200,000 Facebook users.” Not the purest methodology
for scientific inquiry, but hey, we’ll take it!

caveats here, however. One: Given how recently this city was just one
huge muffin top, we probably had to exercise more to attain “fit”

And two: The study didn’t measure OKC’s actual fitness level, just how much we brag about it on Facebook.

Which is to say: Good job, OKC, but don’t eat that proverbial cake just yet.

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