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Fatal Contact




Fresh-faced Jacky Wu Jing ("Kill Zone," "Drunken Monkey") has a real showcase for his talents in "Fatal Contact," the latest Hong Kong actioner to get the royal, two-disc treatment from the Dragon Dynasty label.

Wu Jing portays Kong, who becomes the king of an underground fighting circuit once he's plucked from his acrobatic opera gig and recruited to battle for high-stakes audiences. Although a bit green, he's trained to win.

Success in sparring isn't without a price, however; the atmosphere is filled with criminal types, and it takes a toll on his romance with his pixie girlfriend (Cantopop singer Miki Yeung).

Grounded in reality, the fight sequences are brutal and terrific, reminiscent of "Ong-Bak," in that you could feel every hit yourself. The love-interest subplot, however, is out of place, even if the leads exude charm. Overall, although lean on story, "Fatal Contact" is sleek and enjoyable, and doesn't quite end as one would expect.

But Dragon Dynasty predictably delivers in the bonus department, with numerous interviews with the principals, behind-the-scenes footage, trailers and the requisite commentary track with HK superfan Bey Logan sitting in with director Dennis Law ("Triad Election"). —?Rod Lott

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